All businesses want to reduce costs, and energy is one of the largest business costs that can be tangibly impacted with minimal impact on operations. We help a range of businesses understand their energy costs and how they can be reduced. We work closely with EECA and are providers for many of their funding programmes.

Energy Audits

For many clients, DETA’s first engagement is an energy audit to identify opportunities at their site for increasing efficiency. We’ve conducted hundreds of energy audits – from small cafes and taverns to the large processing facilities. DETA’s success is in making our energy audit results easy to understand for our clients and their contractors.

Energy Management Programmes

For larger businesses, we coordinate and manage Energy Management Programmes across their site, or group of sites to deliver long term energy savings. DETA typically works with clients for at least a two year period to develop and implement a company energy policy, bed in regular energy reporting and prove results from a range of energy projects.

Water Reduction Strategies

Water is a critical resource for many of our customers, and using water in the most efficient manner can de-risk business from an operational and consenting perspective. DETA’s expertise in water efficiency spreads broader that just water reduction, with experience in yield recovery from waste water, hazardous waste stream optimisation and water mitigation strategies.

Monitoring and Targeting

Undertaking a project to reduce energy costs is only one step of the journey – to get long term buy in from others in your business you’ll need to show some proof that the project has made some savings. DETA is leading the way in rolling out the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), the gold standard in verification of energy savings.

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