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Our Story

We improve our clients' business by helping identify,
scope and deliver optimisation projects

We always analyse the impacts of our solutions on the client as a whole, considering practicality, health and safety, business and environmental concerns. We ensure our analysis is “real” and that clients can make informed decisions. Our extensive experience allows us to deliver optimum solutions for our clients. This experience includes technical expertise, scope definition, time and budget management, solution development and environmental management.
We constantly strive to improve and develop the services we offer to our clients. Get in touch and find out why so many industrial, commercial and governmental organisations look to DETA to identify, develop and deliver their optimisation projects.
Come and be a part of our sustainable action for a better tomorrow.
Join our team

We’re always on the lookout for clever, innovative people to work with us, making a difference to Australasian industry.

DETA are always working on the edge, taking our customers to a new normal. We make sure our customer’s experience with us is awesome and refreshing, and often ground breaking.

We work really hard to make a difference here, and we like to celebrate and reward success. We encourage people to run with their ideas and be innovative. We’re after like-minded people who want to grow and develop. So why not join us?

Real world results

We focus on identifying and implementing practical and realistic
improvements, not suggesting what could be theoretically achieved.