The benefit of analysing data

The increase of data collection at large manufacturing sites is great. But, being able to draw a story out of the data and provide real world analysis of what the thousands of data points actually mean is a different thing.

Here at Deta we’ve been having some good success in this area. Small things such as what product has what energy costs in what drier may only reduce run costs by a percent or two but over the course of the year these add up and can make a real impact. One particular dairy customer is now looking at the energy cost per product type, per run, and assigning some norms to these – any ‘out of energy spec’ production runs can be interrogated and learnings applied going forward.

It’s sometimes a matter of better metering but often it’s just having the data in the right hands and with a bit of optimization real value can be added.



The energy component of different dryer runs – anaomolies quickly become apparent when presenting data in different ways.