Regional Energy Use and Emissions

Have you ever asked yourself how each place you have lived in, visited or even flew over in NZ uses energy and contributes to global warming? Some regions are very green. Others are not as green as you think. It’s not all due to just the industries in the region, many other factors play a role in it. The highest three contributors to emissions are private transportation, transport and households. So, it is you and me while sitting in our houses or going to work emit more greenhouse gases (GHG) than any other industry in New Zealand.

That doesn’t hold regionally where industries are centered. Southland and Taranaki  are the two regions where emissions are mainly from manufacturing. Emissions are directly related to how much energy is consumed. However, it is all back to how we source our energy. Either it is from clean electricity or polluting coal. For example, when you go to work and back (private transportation), in Auckland, you emit more GHG than the dairy industry in NZ.

We’ve put the energy use database, published by EECA two months ago, together to come up with this interesting interactive chart showing the energy use and emissions of each region. Click and hover on the maps to see the numbers.

Note: Due to technological issues, Bay of Plenty data is not shown on the map, but accounted for in the totals.

Disclaimer: The data contained in this graphs are obtained from EECA Energy Use Database. DETA Consulting is not liable for data accuracy…