EECA’s funding changes

A lot of the work that we get involved is to improve the productivity of a business. When energy reduction is involved, EECA can usually provide some level of funding to help ‘grease the wheels’ so to speak. The level of funding varies depending on what’s being done, and there is no funding available for capital (unless it’s really new technology), but typically 40% of a project value can be provided for the design, project optimisation (post commissioning), and collection and verification of project savings. You don’t necessarily need to engage a consultant to access this funding either – it could offset your internal costs to drive focus towards energy reduction projects.

Between now and 1 June 2018, EECA can provide up to 75% of an energy audit (or similar project) – assuming that you are able to invest some capital to achieve real savings. Get in touch with DETA to see if an audit is right for you.