DETA Webinar Series – Framing up the 2050 Carbon Pathway

It was so pleasing to have such a great attendance at DETA’s first session of our decarbonisation videoconference series. More than 80 customers, colleagues, and industry supporters joined in to engage with us, and we really hope you got something out of it. A link to the video stream is attached for you here – please share it with those that may see value in the discussion. The carbon conversation continues!

The next couple of weeks will see the sessions get into a wee bit more detail, this Thursday we’re discussing industrial decarbonisation plans, before moving onto healthcare decarbonisation (Tuesday 7th April) and then local council decarbonisation (Thursday 9th April).

We’re also planning two more sessions to follow, with a focus on agriculture and transportation. If you’d like us to have a look at other topics, please get in touch with Jeff, Jono, or Greig.