DETA Webinar Series – Decarbonisation Opportunities for Industrial Process Heat

At the conclusion of the fourth webinar in our series, we carried out an online survey to get some feedback on future topics. A number of you requested more detail on decarbonising the industrial sector.

So Tony Arnott, a recognised leader in this space, went on a ‘deep dive’ for our longest webinar to date. He kicked off by giving some background on his toolkit for managing energy and carbon, and then went into detail on a range of decarbonisation opportunities ranging from heat recovery to utilities, and from High-Temperature Heat Pumps (HTHPs) to Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR).

A link to our webinar is here for those who’d like to view it. Thanks to those who contributed with questions and comments – Pan Pac, Goodman Fielder, Windsor and Fletcher Building (SCION).