Carbon Roadmaps

Now that New Zealand have set their carbon reduction targets, the big question is  how do we get there? For many of our industrial customers this is a key focus for 2020 – and we are here to help them on their way to a low carbon future.

EECA’s new Energy Transition Accelerator (ETA) Programme is under a pilot programme to support large energy users in developing a strategic low-carbon pathway.

Here’s what the process involves:

  • Review of what’s happening now – develop a baseline for energy and emissions for the operation
  • Get an understanding of innovation and technology developments in the sector (emerging and long term trends, best practice technologies and processes) and how they can be applied
  • Identify and assess demand reduction opportunities
  • Understand business development plans and energy asset management plans and how they gel with carbon reduction targets
  • Develop a carbon roadmap for the site- capturing process changes, demand side initiatives, and fuel switching projects

The information will be delivered in a report, presented to the site.

The ETA Programme is designed to assist customers in taking a longer-term view of the opportunities and risks on the political and technological horizons, and to get energy and carbon saving projects in the pipeline now for the future. The Programme is designed to be the first step in outlining a clear pathway.

If this is of interest, get in touch with EECA to find out more