AutoDesk AEC – A new tool in the toolbox


Lately we have been exploring the capabilities of the AutoDesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) package. DETA now hold a subscription to the package which includes a hoard of useful software to assist with the delivery of projects, technical analysis and design communication. For us AutoCAD and Revit are the big players:

AutoCAD is essentially a computerised drawing sheet, but much much faster! Many of our clients already use CAD programs to produce and manage site plans, plant modifications, plumbing and electrical diagrams. Using AutoCAD, we can now update these drawings as part of our Project Delivery and Engineering Support services.

Revit is a Building Information Modelling software. This simply means that technical information is carried in the model along with the geometry that you see in the final drawings. We have found Revit to be particularly useful for space planning and producing as-built drawings for our clients. A big advantage of being able to model in 3D is the improved visualisation and ease at which objects can be moved into available spaces.

With over a dozen supporting programs included in the AutoDesk AEC package we now have a range of new capabilities on offer. Here’s a short summary:

  • Convert scans and hand-drawn images to CAD for modifications and updates
  • Produce high quality 3D renderings of proposed plant and equipment layouts
  • AutoCAD MEP – for detailed mechanical, electrical and plumbing layouts
  • Energy and conceptual design analysis for layout optimisation

Be sure to check out what we have already done with AutoDesk AEC and be sure to ask if you think any of the features may help out with your next project!