More businesses are recognising the reality of climate change. Taking action on carbon is becoming a key differentiator of your business from the competition. Addressing low hanging opportunities, i.e. energy management, will only get you so far – fundamental operational changes are often needed to make the transition to a low, or zero, carbon operation.

Carbon Footprint

The first step to developing a carbon strategy is to understand your sites carbon footprint. DETA Consulting have worked with numerous sites to develop a thorough but understandable carbon footprint, allowing us to identify areas for improvement.

Decarbonisation Strategy and Road Mapping

DETA are experts in developing carbon strategies and medium to long-term roadmaps, often over 10 to 30 years. These roadmaps identify the lowest costs of achieving and operating in a future carbon market, and provide a clear path for capital investment as equipment falls due for replacement, or forward economics make changes economically viable.

Fuel Switching

If you are looking to switch your industrial sites fuel source to a renewable or lower carbon source, we can help you sort the wood from the trees. The real cost of fuel switching at your site depends on a range of factors that apply to your site only; we can help you understand the real cost to you so you can make an educated investment decision.

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