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DETANews – Issue 4


The DETA team were having a bit of banter the other day about Solar Thermal vs Heat Pumps for hot water heating at home and, if you were building new, what would you do. The office was fairly well split based on a range of reasons. This study by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has some interesting results; locally, the technologies are comparable from a capex and opex perspective but globally, the heat pump is superior due to the reduction in peak draw. Interesting!

We’re really pleased that we’ve won our first project outside of New Zealand (and no, its not in Venezuala, although they might need a hand)– a really exciting time for us. We’re really hoping that the knowledge we gain from working on overseas projects means we can increase our knowledge to improve our service at NZ sites, and conversely take tried, tested and proven NZ solutions to the world. Watch this space!

We thought it was about time we gave you the lowdown on our new office – it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles, but enough for us given a realistic fit out budget. 

We’ve been learning about and applying some new technologies too – a screw expander could be an interesting investment if you have significant steam pressure reduction, or waste heat that’s a bit wet for a turbine. As with anything new, its all about finding the right application! 

If you have any feedback on our newsletter, or would like us to have a look and blog about a particular part of the industry, we’d love to hear from you. 

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The New DETA

We’ve been fairly quiet for the last year or so, just getting things done for our clients. That’s what happens when you’re a small team I suppose. Things are changing though and we thought it was about time to give ourselves a bit of a spruce up to reflect the DETA of now, and the future.

For a start, we’re growing. From one FTE two years ago and three people this time in 2014, we’re now a team of 8 engineers and project managers… not all in the photo below, but they’re elsewhere on the website!!). We’ve also moved into a new office – we’d have been fairly uncomfortable in our old apartment – in Lincoln Rd, which has been awesome. Feel free to pop in for a coffee or, if you’re from out of town and need a desk to work from, give us a call.

You may have also noticed the new green superhero guy around the website. He wasn’t our idea really (thanks Studio Publica for the great website and ideas) but we reckon he’s a pretty good reflection of our overall goal – to be the best optimisation and efficiency business in the land.

So now that you know where we are, give us a call or pop in whenever you’d like. We’d be keen to have a chat about how we can help you achieve your business optimisation goals.

deta sign

deta inside