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People who work at DETA Consulting are passionate about making the world a better place.  In this blog post we

02 November 2019

Chemeca 2019 – Part 3. Opportunities with Food

Like last year, DETA sponsored the morning tea at Chemeca, which was a great opportunity to showcase our brand new

18 October 2019

Chemeca 2019 – Part 2. Complex Solutions for Simple Elements

When it comes to elements, they don’t come any less complex than hydrogen.  And as far as dealing with carbon

17 October 2019

Chemeca 2019 - Part 1. Complex Problems and Unintended Consequences

Josh, Greig and Tony swanned across to Sydney recently for the 2019 Chemeca conference for chemical engineers.  The 120+ conference

17 October 2019

Zero Carbon Christchurch

On Friday 11th October, Rhys and Veronica attended the Zero Carbon Christchurch conference, hosted by Enviro-Mark Solutions and Sustainable Business

16 October 2019

The Net Zero Emissions Race

On the back of the recent United Nations Climate Action Summit, we came across this interactive map where you can

08 October 2019

Practicing what we preach

We spend most of our time helping our customers to figure out how to improve their carbon footprint, and then

17 July 2019

The Graduate Perspective

Over the last few months we’ve had Bronwyn Larsen to work with DETA’s team on a fixed term looking at our

04 July 2019

Household Savings: Fact and Fiction

We are often bombarded with information on how you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. But what is

20 June 2019

114,000 Pots of Coffee

At DETA we’re big fans of efficiency and we’ve been thinking about efficient use of time at our desks. We

11 March 2019

Does DOC really oppose Wind Farms?

If you keep up with the news then you could be excused for thinking that the majority of New Zealanders

25 February 2019

Power from the Moon?

We’ve talked previously about how tidal energy could be a great solution for the New Zealand Electricity Sector of 2050.

17 January 2019

Hydrogen Storage – The Silver Bullet?

There has been recent speculation around the use of hydrogen storage as a cure for the downside of some renewable

14 January 2019