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Power from Pigs?

Being able to produce energy from a waste product while simultaneously cleaning it would appear to be to good to

13 December 2018

8,600 Wind Turbines - New Zealand in 2050

There is a challenge for New Zealand ahead. It’s pretty clear that the consensus view of the New Zealand of

26 October 2018

Small Country, Big Savings, Bigger Stage

On the international stage New Zealand is very well known for three things: rugby, Lord of the Rings and producing

24 October 2018

Hanmer Lessons

It can be mildly disheartening to work on a presentation for several weeks, surviving the thorny questions from colleagues during

24 October 2018

Tauranga Half Marathon

Our very own tortoise and the hare story unfolded at the recent Tauranga Half Marathon – check out Tony’s race

27 September 2018

Pacific Islands - New Territory!

DETA are pleased to have been appointed to our first project in the pacific, providing energy and project support to

07 September 2018

Keith and the Appita Speaking Competition

Keith (DETA Tauranga) recently competed at the Appita New Speakers Competition in Rotorua. The competition involved three pre-selected competitors who

03 August 2018

The Scores are In: The International Energy Efficiency Scorecard

In terms of the most significant international competitions most would agree that it goes the Olympics, The Football World Cup

23 July 2018

Case Study - Hanmer Springs Generation Project

For the past couple of years DETA has been working with Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa (HSTPS) to make

01 June 2018

Going global!

Although you wouldn’t notice it, we’ve recently updated our web page to reflect our wider presence. is now live!You’ll still

30 May 2018

Integral Health and Safety

Like all of you, we take Health and Safety very seriously and discuss health and safety at length both internally,

08 May 2018

The Chinese Solar Revolution

So it looks like China has installed 9.6GW of solar capacity in the first three months of 2018. That is

27 April 2018

DETA's Carbon Footprint

The Deta FootprintPreviously we’ve discussed What is your carbon footprint and why it matters…? It seemed like a natural progression

06 April 2018

The benefit of analysing data

The increase of data collection at large manufacturing sites is great. But, being able to draw a story out of

09 March 2018

EECA's funding changes

A lot of the work that we get involved is to improve the productivity of a business. When energy reduction

27 February 2018

New Wheels!

We wrote a blog post a wee while ago about new cars, and the challenges with electric versus more conventional

08 February 2018

What exactly is your carbon footprint, and why does it matter?

Here we are in 2018 another year in the books and another 80 MT of carbon released into the atmosphere

08 February 2018