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DETA Strategy

We make every effort to engage with the entire DETA team, and part of this is holding quarterly strategy sessions

13 December 2016

The Carbon Impact of Cargo Ships

In my random internet searching I came across this article recently – how can a container ship out pollute 50

21 October 2016

New Zealand Emission Trading Scheme

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is introduced in September 2008 as a key tool to reduce national emissions and meet the international obligations. It

21 September 2016

Regional Energy Use and Emissions

Have you ever asked yourself how each place you have lived in, visited or even flew over in NZ uses

25 August 2016

Intern's Perspective

For the last few months we’ve had Ignace working with us, all the way from Guadeloupe in the French Antilles, in

23 August 2016

Happy Earth Overshoot Day!

I came across a new concept the other day – Earth Overshoot day. That is, the day each year where

23 August 2016

Successful Project - VSD Tunnel Optimisation

We’ve just finished work at a food processing site, optimising three blast freezer tunnels. The site recently made a significant investment in

23 August 2016

Our contribution to the NZ Herald

We were recently invited to contribute to a NZ Herald article, outlining our work with ANZCO Foods and Hellers. As always

02 August 2016

New Zealand Manufacturing Industry Energy Consumption

Based on some great feedback from our first foray into presenting EECA’s Energy End Use Database in more aesthetic ways, we’ve prepared another post

13 July 2016

EECA - New Zealand Energy Flow

Last week, EECA published New Zealand Energy End Use Database. The database shows the energy consumption broken down into end

08 July 2016

Latest EECA Promotional Video

We were really pleased to be asked by EECA to represent energy experts in their latest online marketing campaign. Ian

04 July 2016

EECA - Energy End Use Database

This week, EECA published their Energy End Use Database. The database shows the national end use energy consumption broken down into end

30 June 2016

Employee Volunteering

We’ve been working through an employer supported volunteering policy for DETA. We’ve got a number of socially enterprising people who

29 June 2016

EECA Awards - Much Success!

We had an awesome night at the EECA awards last week  – the biannual highlight of New Zealand’s energy efficiency

23 May 2016

Moore's Law for Solar?

We’re always keen to hear from our readers to understand if there’s anything specific that they’d like us to talk

20 May 2016

Electric Cars in NZ - compared with the rest of the world

The Minister for Energy has recently rolled out an initiative to get more electric cars on the road – by

13 May 2016

New technology - Screw Expanders

We’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest technology that we can apply at our clients site to

29 April 2016

Practicing what we preach

We moved into a nice new office late last year. It was interesting approaching the fit out with two things in mind

21 April 2016

The Venezuelan Hair Dryer Energy Crisis

I came across this awesome headline the other day – “Venezuela energy crisis: President tells women to stop using hairdryers

11 April 2016

EECA Awards - We've made the shortlist!

Earlier this week we learned that DETA and some of our clients have been nominated for some EECA awards! The awards

07 April 2016

Successful Project - SJOG HWHP

We’ve recently completed a major project at St John of God Hauora Trust (SJOG), a residential care home. About 18

29 March 2016

The HOT Triathlon

Back in November 2015, the majority of the team here at DETA completed in the individual Pegasus Classic Triathlon. It

18 March 2016

The Doorknocking Energy Change Man

I had a man knock on my door the other night, asking if I’d like to change power companies. As

18 March 2016

Solar Thermal for Industrial sites??

New Zealand has lots of solar thermal installations. We have more than 100 MWth installed covering area of 160,000 m2

02 March 2016

Summer Student Review

We’ve had a student, Keith, with us during the summer university break. We think it’s a great way to help develop

15 February 2016

2015: Revenue in Review

2015 was a landmark year for DETA – our team grew exponentially and we became a real player in the

13 January 2016

Happy 2016!

Happy 2016 from DETA! We’re really looking forward to hitting the ground running and helping make NZ a more efficient

07 January 2016