The Venezuelan Hair Dryer Energy Crisis

I came across this awesome headline the other day – “Venezuela energy crisis: President tells women to stop using hairdryers and go with ‘natural’ style to save electricity”.

Epic. Just what I need to convince my wife that we can save the planet by her air drying her hair. Or can she….?? If I were to use 4kWh/month consumption per hair dryer, and assuming that 25% of the Venezuelan population uses a hair dryer regularly (may be higher due to one of Venezuela’s most famous exports) this would  add up to 360GWh/year. Big number! Even compared with the annual consumption of 97,726 GWh its not so small – 0.36%.

For our household energy bill of $120/month, this change would result in an extra $5 in my pocket every year. Hardly worth the effort. but on a macro scale there are some much more major savings available through reduced generation, reduced utility load – generally reduced investment. All because of some hair dryers.

Mid adult woman holding hair dryer in front of face, side view