The Graduate Perspective

Over the last few months we’ve had Bronwyn Larsen to work with DETA’s team on a fixed term looking at our internal systems around Heath and Safety both for employee health and well-being as well as job safety analysis. Bronwyn wrote a few words about her experience:

The best decisions in life are always made instantaneously.

A chance Friday phone call and a short scramble later I found myself on a plane to Christchurch with an exciting Monday morning opportunity, DETA Consulting. Consulting engineering was always an elusive career prize; what could I as a fresh graduate possibly have to offer industrial experts? The people you work with have been working for most of their life already and knew their respective industry better than the back of their hand. Much like Jon Snow; I came from the North, knew nothing and I was eager to throw myself into the thick of it and see if I would make a finale. I had a three-month period before travelling overseas which I wanted to fill with something new: teaching English in Asia was on the list of potentials, but throw me a good engineering challenge and I can’t say no!

Practical work completed during my degree had me in the field and it was going to be a huge difference to step into the corporate world of New Zealand’s Engineering Industries. The largest difference between the site-based and consulting engineering workforces is the engines utilised. Engines are a large asset investment, to satisfy the accountant they require correct initial fitting with regular maintenance. It is therefore necessary to take a moment to reflect on the engines who make DETA Consulting happen. DETA Consulting acknowledge that their employees are the business and that their performance is affected by much more complex scenarios. Most of my time at DETA Consulting has been spent analysing the critical risks assessment for employee wellness and driving hazards. Lucy has lead the charge in creating an in-depth result that addresses the threats to employee wellbeing and hence the company.

I have had the opportunity to visit the South Canterbury District Hospital in Timaru and the ANZCO foods Rangitikei sites and pester those individuals with operational and development questions. Alongside the site project visits, I had two primary office based activities; completing a client’s Energy Management Programme and creating a DETA Consulting Job Safety Analysis (JSA) document for future use. The beauty of working in the consulting industry is the diversity between regular activities. I also created a Warm Up to Work procedure, ensuring that there is sufficient exercise provided in the long stints between playing cards at break time. I was able to apply a creative flair and reformatted the report presentation, so keep an eye out for those – Eugene approved.

DETA Consulting have maintained continuous and steady growth in the energy sector since 2012 and are now facing a period of more rapid expansion. An exciting and daunting era for anyone, I am excited to see how they thrive in the new expeditions and will be keeping an eye from the Northern Hemisphere. Albeit in a slightly more tropical setting.

Its been great to have Bronwyn as part of the team and we wish her best of luck in her future endeavors and are looking forward to hearing about her Mongolian Rally experience.