Summer Student Review

We’ve had a student, Keith, with us during the summer university break. We think it’s a great way to help develop engineers, and foster interest in the industry. Keith kindly wrote a blog post about his experiences; hopefully this gives prospective summer students an indication of what sort of things you end up working on as a student.

I applied for the Summer Intern position at DETA looking to gain experience doing active work within a progressive industry. Being a part of the small, yet dynamic, team was a great all-round experience. The level of responsibility and involvement surpassed expectations – but at no point was I overwhelmed, with the full support of Senior Engineers, Project Managers and IT Guru’s no more than two steps from my desk.

The vast range of clients and the scope of DETA’s capabilities allowed for involvement in many interesting projects. Over the summer my main project was to perform an Energy Audit for a meat plant. The audit reviewed identified opportunities to save energy, and ultimately costs – often by simply using existing systems differently. The project highlight was being able to go on-site for two days to take measurements and talk with the site Engineering Manager.

Throughout my time here I have become involved with many Energy Management Reports and the development of Budget Reports. These are great initiatives that enable tracking of system performance to be neatly presented on a ‘One Page Report’. This was a great opportunity to experience the “business end” of DETA’s ongoing projects and develop an appreciation for the financial element behind all projects. 

We had a lot of fun working with Keith, and he delivered some great results. Based on our experiences, we’ll definitely be looking for another student next year. Thanks Keith!