Small Country, Big Savings, Bigger Stage

On the international stage New Zealand is very well known for three things: rugby, Lord of the Rings and producing meat/dairy. Over the last week in Charlotte, North Carolina, Jono shared DETA’s knowledge of the latter to a worldwide meeting of experts at the World Energy Engineering Conference.

Presenting to an audience of Texans in full cowboy attire, Jordanian women in hijab, Kenyan men in traditional African dress, he stepped through some of the energy efficient projects that DETA has been involved in over the last couple of years: the ANZCO and Alliance Energy Management Programs (EMPs) and Heat Pump Innovation at Heller’s.

It had a really positive reception and sparked some interesting conversations which I’m sure Jono would love to recap you on next time you see him. Although, his experiences with American Cuisine, a nail biter between the Bucks and Hornets or the lessons from Captain Scott Kelly and his 500 days in space may be more interesting.

But the experience wasn’t just about teaching but also about learning; what are other countries doing, what industries could we learn from and how New Zealand is stacking up. Turns out we’re doing pretty well in the industrial space and it could be said that we’re market leaders in some areas which is great to know and really reinforces the difference we’re making as a country.