New Zealand Manufacturing Industry Energy Consumption

Based on some great feedback from our first foray into presenting EECA’s Energy End Use Database in more aesthetic ways, we’ve prepared another post focused on the manufacturing sector in 2014.

New Zealand manufacturing industries are responsible for almost half of the country’s end use energy consumption -approximately 155 PJ is used in the manufacturing sector. Petroleum and chemicals, pulp and paper, dairy and wood products consume about 75% of the total manufacturing sector energy and all are adding value to the economy.

That’s a lot of energy! But where does the energy come from? How clean is it?

80% of the energy used in manufacturing is for process heat primarily from boilers – significant given that most of this heat is fossil fuel based, and the efforts that NZ is looking to make in terms of carbon reduction. Petroleum and chemical industries which are located in the Taranaki region source its energy mainly from natural gas, where it is available and accessible. The situation is different for the dairy industry where coal is the primary fuel for its process. Wood is utilised where it exists. Wood product, pulp and paper industries are the only user of wood.

Have a wee play with the chart below. Click on a specific fuel, sector, end use or technology to see how it is sourced/branched. We’ll be looking at a couple more posts on total consumption, and regional consumption in the coming weeks.