New Wheels!

We wrote a blog post a wee while ago about new cars, and the challenges with electric versus more conventional engine types. As we’re doing more open road miles it makes sense to get some new cars to improve our own visibility, and make travel more comfortable for our staff.¬†The past few months at DETA have been a bit contentious as we’ve¬†investigated options for pool cars – the Ranger is the best selling car in NZ again, and would look great with a big DETA logo plastered on the side… but it didnt make the final.

It really came down to two options – both Toyota Hybrid options due to range requirements (to Hokitika, Oamaru, Nelson). We picked up our new Corollas a couple of weeks ago, and everyone can attest to enjoying their driving experience so far! Look forward to taking some of you for a spin on our trips in due course.