Moving on up – Tauranga Office

We are very excited to announce the opening our new branch in Tauranga! Eugene and Keith have permanently moved to the Bay of Plenty region and have been working from the new location since the Christmas-New Year break. After spending a couple weeks to set everything up, it is great to now have the office in action and running smoothly.

The new office is located on Devonport Road, Tauranga Central. The location is nestled amongst a comprehensive selection of coffee shops and nearby to the soon to be completed Tidal Steps – sure to become an enticing lunchtime retreat.

For DETA, Tauranga provides a well serviced and centralised location in the upper North Island. We are already working with clients in the region and are positioning ourselves to expand out from the new location. Our clients get to experience all the same services previously offered from Christchurch, but now also from our handy North Island base.

Despite a change in scenery and temperature, the move to Tauranga has been almost seamless for our operations. Energy and Project Delivery continue to be at our core and it is business as usual for our ongoing projects. Walking into either office location you would be hard pressed to spot any differences as Eugene has expertly configured the office décor to match between locations. However, I will point out that the Tauranga desks are indeed 100 mm broader.

Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty region has, well… plenty to keep the weekends full! We have already begun sampling the goods between fishing (good for some), snorkelling, beaches and getting out on the many trails winding their way around the Mount, harbour or Kaimai Ranges. We will only have to condition ourselves for the inclined topography – something not previously encountered on the Hagely Park circuit.

With the Tauranga office now up and running all that remains is for you to drop by and enjoy a coffee with the team!



Mount Maunganui