Electric Cars in NZ – compared with the rest of the world

The Minister for Energy has recently rolled out an initiative to get more electric cars on the road – by essentially buying a heap of new ones and allowing a thriving second hand market to develop naturally. He has stopped short of any sort of legislation supporting them though… it looks like NZ is sort of on the path to supporting electric cars with some charging infrastructure along SH1 (and plans for future developments) and a wee bit of government intervention. As the minister mentioned, “New Zealand is the most electric vehicle-ready country in the world“. Awesome! But how do we really compare with the rest of the world?

Well, check this out… turns out Japan is doing a bit better than we are. Well that makes sense I guess… they do lead the way in manufacturing. But all of that electricity comes from fossil fuels, so not such a good story. We’re probably better off comparing ourselves to our European counterparts… think Scandinavia or Western Europe. Norway has the best uptake and has a pretty much entirely renewable electricity network. And the Dutch are on the same journey – although their electricity comes largely from fossil fuels.

What does it all mean? Well, compared with many other countries we are well sorted to supply renewable electricity to fuel our cars. So thats good. But our uptake is a fair bit slower… so the minister is right, we are EV ready, but we aren’t much more than ‘ready’ at the moment.

electric car deta_hero_005