EECA – Energy End Use Database

This week, EECA published their Energy End Use Database. The database shows the national end use energy consumption broken down into end use, fuel, sector, technology, transport and building for three consecutive years between 2012 and 2014. The database offers a great opportunity to dive into data to understand our energy consumption behavior.

In an informed decision-making era, data is everything. However, numbers and tables are dull, hard to communicate or impress. So our resident programming guru Ahmed has utilised Microsoft Power BI to display the data in a way that we think is a bit more aesthetically pleasing!

Here, we give you the opportunity to look into a graphical representation of the database for 2014. With a mouse hover, you can see the major end consumers by end use, technology and sector. Have a closer look with couple of clicks to see how the energy is consumed between fuels, sectors, technologies and end uses.

Disclaimer: The data contained in this graphs are obtained from EECA Energy Use Database. DETA Consulting is not liable for data accuracy…