DETA’s Carbon Footprint

The Deta Footprint

Previously we’ve discussed What is your carbon footprint and why it matters…? It seemed like a natural progression for us to complete one for ourselves. We followed the structure set out by Ministry of the Environments guiding Document (Link) and ended up with the following:

Getting from place to place is clearly our biggest impact on the environment thanks to both Air Travel and Car Mileage. But the good news is that moving forward the car mileage emissions should be reducing steadily as more and more trips are being taken in the more efficient and environmentally friendly Deta-mobiles than our personal cars. This was definitely a factor that influenced the choice of car and why a gas guzzling Ute was not chosen despite the protests of some off-road enthusiast members of the team.

In total, we calculated that the actions of Deta produced 53 tonnes a year of carbon dioxide and to mitigate this we would have to plant a around 1.4 Ha of five-year-old pine trees. While we’ve marked out a nice corner of Hagley Park for this, it seems unlikely that it would fly with the council… So, if you have a better idea about how to tackle this or how your company is reducing its carbon footprint we’d love to hear it.