Case Study – Hanmer Springs Generation Project

For the past couple of years DETA has been working with Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa (HSTPS) to make better use of their geothermal methane, which is a byproduct of their pool heating activities. We initially worked with HSTPS to develop some options for what to do with the gas, and in tandem identified that a Capstone turbine would be the best fit for site – the first installation of a turbine generator in New Zealand.

DETA undertook schematic design, and took the project through delivery of the project within an operating site. The result provides HSTPS with upwards of $50,000 per year of generated energy, with a safer, more resilient infrastructure. The project ran about as smoothly as it could (given the contractors hadn’t worked with such a unit before) and we’ve learnt a lot about the system. We’re really pleased to help deliver a great result for HSTPS, and show that this type of technology can be rolled out economically, and successfully, at small scale.