2017 Pegasus Triathlon

The morning was fresh, a cool wind blew in from the North-East. Low lying cloud blanketed the sky while a scattering ripple danced across the lake surface. The first buoy appeared remarkably distant as remembrance of over-indulgence at the Christmas Function hung low in our stomachs.

In what has become a highlight event in the DETA calendar, 11 DETA Delegates were taking part in the Pegasus Triathlon Festival start; our greatest list of starters to date! The signature event is the Pegasus Classic which consists of a 500m swim, 15km cycle and 5km run. Although this year we also had a team enter into the duathlon – which substitutes the swim for a 2.5km run.

Starting off with a swim is a good way to kick start any morning. Even this time, although the swim was more like a plunge into a vigorous wash-cycle and the water was questionably warm. The cycling leg involved an upwind slog into the now strengthened North-Easterly, only to be repeated twice more on the consecutive laps! The almost perfectly flat course was well received and the many corners kept the mind to task. Safety Officer Jeff Smit ensured fair play was maintained in the transition box. Needless to say, you’ll only take your helmet off early once! Straight into the run now, but no one’s legs were feeling any more fresh than microwaved tuna. Two laps around the lake, smiles all round, it was all over!

The lake side picnic was a welcomed respite after the morning’s hard-earned achievements. As with all DETA events, the catering was exceptional; thanks Lucy! Post-race entertainment was provided by the kids-tri and the famous DETA kids mini-tri. Scooters, tricycles and training wheels added an extra dimension to the event and outcomes were hard to predict!

Special mentions go to:

  • The Thorpedos – Duathlon weapons, Fleur and Josh Thorpe took out best in class. So impressive were their pre-race statistics, not a single team dared to challenge them!
  • Run-‘em-down Rundle – Upstart Luke Rundle wasn’t to be held back by four years of University Student malnutrition and a surf wetsuit. Luke took out top honours with an overall win, it remains to be seen how his Manager will handle defeat…

Thanks to all the competitors and supporters who showed up on the day, we’ll see you again next year!

The next generation

The Whippet

The happy one

The beaten manager


More pain

First ever tri! Most pain.