2015: Revenue in Review

2015 was a landmark year for DETA – our team grew exponentially and we became a real player in the energy engineering market nationally. We wanted to share some of our stats which may give you some info on the energy efficiency market in NZ. Of our total revenue;

  • 27% came from delivering Energy Management Programmes to five clients (helping understand and manage energy consumption and costs within large companies)
  • 25% came from delivering energy audits (identifying opportunities to save energy)
  • 20% came from preparing an investment business case (designing and refining a specific project to a level that allows management to fund it)
  • 13% was project delivery services (project management, commissioning, verification; actually getting stuff done)

From our project list, there is a good portion of our time spent on identifying projects and less on delivering them. Some delivery has been done by clients themselves which is great, but some great opportunities haven’t quite made it to fruition yet for a variety of reasons.

Our focus this year is on delivery – helping get projects to a point where they are delivering actual savings. Savings on paper add nothing to the balance sheet. Let’s see if the 2016 installment of this blog post changes…


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