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About DETA

Optimisation from concept to completion to operation, and everything in between

DETA Consulting is a young, dynamic and responsive organisation working with some of New Zealand’s largest businesses to identify, develop and deliver optimisation services. We were born out of carbon management and energy efficiency, however we deliver services across the project spectrum from business cases, to detailed design, through to project delivery.

Project Delivery

Whether you are looking for a full Project Delivery service with an industrial bent, or assistance with a part of your project – such as contract or Health and Safety management, DETA has the solution. We have the expertise to provide as much support as you require.

Energy Efficiency

DETA has one of the largest energy management teams in Australasia, with accrediated auditors, process heat and refrigeration specialists, and certified measurement and verification professionals. DETA’s expertise in identifying, developing and delivering energy efficiency projects makes life easy for customers looking to reduce their ongoing energy costs and kick-start their short-term low carbon journey.

Carbon Management

More businesses are recognising the reality of climate change. Taking action on carbon is becoming a key differentiator of your business from the competition. Addressing low hanging opportunities, i.e. energy management, will only get you so far – fundamental operational changes are often needed to make the transition to a low, or zero, carbon operation.

DETA are experts in developing carbon strategies and medium to long-term roadmaps, often over 10 to 30 years. These roadmaps identify the lowest costs of achieving and operating in a future carbon market, and provide a clear path for capital investment as equipment falls due for replacement, or forward economics make changes economically viable

Process + Resource Optimisation

Optimising the production or manufacturing process can make a world of difference at an industrial site. But it can often be a challenge to identify exactly which parts of the process need to be tweaked in order to get the plant really humming along. This is where DETA can help.

Often the restriction can be utilities where using these in a more efficient manner can de-risk business from an operational and consenting perspective. DETA’s expertise spreads broadly covering water reduction, yield recovery from waste water, hazardous waste stream optimisation, air emissions as well as compressed air and steam systems optimisation.

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Real world analysis

We work closely with our clients to reduce risk, add confidence, and increase process and energy efficiency.


Our extensive experience allows us to deliver optimum solutions for our clients.

Comprehensive Analysis

We always analyse the impacts of our solutions on the client as a whole, considering practicality, health and safety, business and environmental concerns.


We constantly strive to improve and develop the services we offer to our clients.

Diverse Industries

Our customers are those in need of detailed analysis of efficiency options, a strong team/collaborative approach, and a specialised consultancy with experience, innovation, and enthusiasm.